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The Network is a multicultural creative agency dedicated to bringing the flavor by promoting diversity. We offer marketing, public relations, event production, branding, management, creative direction and styling.

We work with fashion, beauty, music, art, travel, and lifestyle brands. We focus on connecting our clients with multicultural consumers through a unique marketing mix to increase engagement and sales.

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The Network creates campaigns that are innovative, original, and chic. We specialize in digital and social media marketing.

We also offer traditional marketing. We typically work with fashion, beauty, music, art, travel, and lifestyle brands.

Event Production

We create original event concepts and themes so that event attendees leave feeling inspired, empowered, informed, and entertained.

We focus on creating a brand experience to maximize engagement, media coverage, and social media buzz.

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We create brand strategies that will determine how, where, when and to whom you communicate your brand messages to. We’ll help you with creating an effective brand strategy that will yield the results that you want.

Creative Direction and Styling

We offer creative direction and styling services fashion, beauty, music, art, travel, and lifestyle brands. We assist clients in producing creative visuals for their brand.

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Our Brands

Cacha` and Pen

We are the Co-Founders of The Network.  We created The Network because we wanted a business that was unlike any other. The day we met is the same day we started our business.  We instantly clicked!

We sipped tea, ate some food and came up with the whole concept of the business. We shared the same ideas on how we wanted to completely change the game.

We were tired of seeing no diversity in advertising or marketing campaigns that were based on stereotypes and not realities. We also wanted to help emerging artists by providing management, PR, and marketing.

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